Parties in Nepal continue to multiply for no good reason

Political parties have their purposes, but just as too many cooks spoil the broth, too many parties can spoil the political landscape.

There are, for example 17 parties from the Terai. Apparently, they are fighting for the same basic cause — progress in the region and respect for Madhesis. But do you really need 17 parties to do the same thing?

Today, I learnt that Suprabha Ghimire, who was denied a FPTP ticket for this election (but who won the last time) has decided to quit the Nepali Congress and form her own party. It boggles the mind. How did politics become this trivial? I can see someone forming his/her own party if he/she believes that the current lot is corrupt or incompetent but Ghimire’s move seems to be almost impulsive, even childlike.

The Nepali Congress needs newer faces at the top to attract voters and Gagan Thapa is seen by many as the future face of the party. If Ghimire was concerned about the future of the party, she should have been happy that Thapa got the ticket instead of her.

And so we will soon have a new party, the Sanghiya Samajwadi Loktrantik Sanghatan, weeks before the elections. But who is going to vote for it when nobody even knows of its existence? And if nobody (or very few people) are going to vote for it, why form a party at all?


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